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Sahabat Satwa is a continuous donation program,
to protect endangered species and their habitats

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Sumatran Elephant is the smallest elephant species in the world. With the height of 1,7-2,6 meters, Sumatran Elephant considered as the smallest compared to other elephant species. Rescue them by becoming Sahabat. Donation can be given from IDR 50,000/month.

Today, there are only 2.400 to 2.800 Sumatran tiger left in the wild. Some threats on their population are illegal wildlife trade and illegal logging, palm oil plantation, change of climate, forest fire and also human-wildlife conflict. WWF-Indonesia is trying to protect Sumatran Elephant, since 2004 WWF-Indonesia has already run the National Conservation Tesso Nilo Park in Riau province as a one step closer to conserve Sumatran Elephant.

Elephant Distinctions

Each day an elephant needs to consume about 200 kilograms food. The seeds of the fruits then will be spread during the elephant travel distance which is 15 kilometers a day.
Elephants can seek for their own home at low land forest location, especially the ones near a running river.
Elephants are famous to be known as "protector" animal. The evidence of an elephant in a location means that there is sufficient food source that supports other wildlife which identify a healthy ecosystem. 

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